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Driveway Pavers

Driveway Pavers Kissimmee, FL Your driveway is probably one of the first things that visitors to your home see. The way it is designed and installed and the materials used in this feature are all important to the overall appearance of your home. In many ways, you want this feature to be functional and attractive and the one way to do that is to choose the right kind of driveway pavers for it.

Surfside Pavers provides excellent driveway paver installation services to customers in and around Melbourne, Vero Beach, Palm Bay and Rockledge. Over the years, they have also handled a large number of projects for customers across Cocoa, Deer Park, Fort Pierce, Port St Lucie and well as Stuart and Jupiter. The varieties of pavers they can install are:


When you start researching about the different types of paving available on the market, you will notice there is really a large variety. There are pavers of materials such as concrete, brick and natural stone. All these materials are stunning in appearance and long-lasting too. They require very little maintenance and last for a number of years without any trouble. Since these are individual units, in case of any damage, the replacement and repair work is very easy. It’s why most homeowners opt for paving stones for their driveways.

Concrete Pavers

We know that features made of concrete are extremely long-lasting and that you don’t have to care for them too much. It’s exactly how concrete pavers are as well. They are available in a number of designs, textures, colors and styles; and you can also choose from interlocking pavers that add to the integrity and strength of the installation. Since these pavers are just installed on compacted sand the job can be completed within a very short timeframe. The joints can be sanded and you can choose to get these sealed as well.

Brick Pavers

While landscaping trends ebb and tide, there are certain materials that have stood the test of time and brick pavers are one of them. Many people like to get these features installed on their property; they can be used for driveways, pathways and walkways, poolscapes, garden steps and outdoor kitchens, patios and decks and more. This makes it a very versatile material.


A driveway installation is something that requires a significant amount of planning as it’s a very important feature of your property. It’s used almost every single day and has to withstand foot & vehicular traffic. It’s a good idea to use pavers to surface the driveway as you can choose from ones made of natural stone, brick or concrete. These installations are extremely long-lasting and they add to the aesthetics of your property.

When you want high grade driveway installations services, you need to look for a reputed and experienced company for the job. The one way to ensure the longevity of these installations is to hire the services of a company like Surfside Pavers for the job. They will use the best materials and workmanship in the project.


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